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Bash, The Party Network™ is a social network app that connects you in real time with the hottest clubs, bars, parties, promoters and DJs in Miami. Get on VIP lists, invite your friends, and much more!

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There is no other app like it! Never miss a great party!

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Bash is a cloud-enabled SaaS platform designed entirely to meet the expectations and needs of nightlife professionals. A venue manager can promote, collect, manage, retain, and sell all on one platform.

  • Target an audience based on specific criteria (Age, gender, location, etc.)
  • Send promotional offers to customers
  • Increase traffic by sending geo-targeted push notifications to a targeted group (Age, gender, location...)
  • Acquire new customers by creating marketing campaigns.
  • Keep a real-time record of people that visited a venue to have a constant up-to-date customer database
  • Filter customers by specific criteria (visit frequency, spending, content uploaded, etc.)
  • Get full analytics to better understand customers and offer relevant deals.
  • Manage a venue from a single platform
  • Manage different marketing actions as well as loyalty programs
  • Manage staff (Promoters, DJ’s, Bartender, etc.)
  • Create and manage upcoming events
  • Analyze collected data to better manage promotion and sales (Dashboard)
  • List upcoming events.
  • Offer customers an easy and quick way to reserve tickets and/or bottles for events.
  • Analyze sales reports (Per event, date range, etc.)
  • Provide customers with a new digital experience.

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